Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Animals' Role in Afghanistan

Camels in Afghanistan have different roles. They are transporters, they are also used as a fighting animals.

Natural Resources

Natural resources. Afghans in almost 60 percent of Afghanistan use wood and the firewood they collect from the deserts and mountains. Gas and gasoline is still counted a luxury. Electricity... Excuse me, what is that???? It doesn't exist.

The taste of the dish cooked on this fire is way different and I still miss it.

Houses and Accesories

A simple guestroom in Dawlatabad, Balkh Province.
Sculpting work on the doors.
Sculpted door.

Outdoor and Nature

Sunrise, Dawlatabad District, Balkh Province, January 2013
Northern Afghanistan. Dawlatabad, District, Balkh Province. January 2013

Portraits: Afghan Turkmens

A 65 years old Afghan Turkmen in Dawlatabad District of Balkh Province. Afghan Turkmens live in the northern Afghanistan and their main business and production is carpet and animal husbandry. They are one of the peaceful and hardworking citizens of the country.
A young 24 years old Afghan Turkmen. He is a High School student, but at the same time works for the local handicrafts association.

Four different generations of Afghan Turkmen.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Orthopedic Center in My City

Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, October 2012, Kabul, Afghanistan

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kabul My Capital promoted

Dear readers, viewers and friends!

Thank you for your full support and encouragements for the last 15 months. When I started this Photoblog, I didn't think I would supported as I am today. Your supports and encouragements gave me the confidence to start a new phase of posting photos of Afghanistan. As of today I am honored to invite you to my website KabulCapital, I don't say I will not post in here, but I will pay more attention on the website to make it as interactive as possible and show you as much as I can from Afghanistan a country that has always been shown as center of terrorism and negative. My job here is not to show the bad side of it, because media are already doing it. I will try my best to show the real and day-to-day life and the very little things happening here.

Most of my photos will come from Kabul and that is because I am limited in traveling these days, but I can say with confidence that Kabul has enough to be shown to the people outside.